Instagram Captions For Friends

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Nothing compares to a beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind.
Who gossips to you, will gossip about you.
Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need and your enemies won’t believe it.
Treat me right and I’ll treat you even better.
I am close to very few people, but those people mean everything to me.
You always have time for the things you put first.
It’s funny how parents notice your fake friends before you do.
It’s better to have one loyal woman by your side than ten fake friends.
Happiness is not made of gold. It’s made of memories only you and I hold.
Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.
True friends are real to your face and behind your back.
It’s hard to vibe with someone who isn’t on the same mental level as you.
Be on good terms with everyone but only keep a few close.