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Home is not where you were born. Home is where all your attempts to escape cease.
I am not obsessed with the money, I’m obsessed with the freedom.
Life’s too short to be a jerk.
Happiness is the best revenge.
Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending.
Marry your best friend!
Do it. Because they said you couldn’t.
Blessed. Thankful. Motivated.
Happiness is seeing your parents being proud of you.
Let go of anything that is toxic to your progression.
The world is gonna judge you no matter what you do, so live your life the way you fucking want to.
Your past has given you the strength and wisdom you have today, so celebrate it. Don’t let it haunt you.
Forget about being skinny. Eat well & exercise. The weight will take care of itself.