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A person who values you would never put themselves in a position to lose you.
Happy is an inside job. Remember that.
Sometimes you just need to relax and trust that things will work out. Let go a little and let life happen.
A true friend accepts you the way you are, but also helps you to become who you should be.
When you walk up to opportunities door, don’t knock. Kick it in, smile and introduce yourself.
You don’t know how much it means to you until it’s taken away.
The more you respect yourself, the less you need the approval of others.
If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.
Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big. And start now.
Don’t complain about what you can fix.
Respect yourself enough to know you deserve the very best.
Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.
Sometimes you have to choose between planting roots or growing wings.