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If you can stay positive in a negative sitiuation, you win.
The truth might hurt you before it can help you. Let the pain of truth push you to change.
Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.
Take only memories, leave only footprints.
I understand that nobody understands me, but I can’t be someone I’m not.
You get so much further in life when you cut out the nonsense.
Sometimes your circle decreases in size, but increases in value.
The fact that you are not where you want to be, should be enough motivation.
Owe no one and be owned by no one.
One mistake will never kill you. The same mistake over and over again will.
You can make a wish or you can make it happen.
People to weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours.
Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel.