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I love hanging out with people that make me forget to look at my phone.
Most people use silence to express pain. You know they’re truly hurt when they choose to ignore you.
Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So I go back to being me.
Single bells, single bells, single all the way.
Your body can do it. It’s the mind you need to convince.
Everything changes the moment you realize you are just as valuable as everyone else.
If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?
Always remember someone’s effort is a reflection of their interest in you.
90% of my Google search history is just words I wasn’t sure how to spell.
The hardest walk is walking alone, but it’s also the strongest walk.
It’s a good week to have a good week.
No one is going to love you if you don’t love yourself.
Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.